Intel ISMC Walk-In Loop – 2012
A motion graphics loop I created for Intel. This was shown at the Intel Sales and Marketing Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was played against loud, motivational music and gave the attendees something to enjoy while they filed into the presentation hall. All motion graphics were developed using After Effects, and the silhouette footage was shot against a green screen using a Red One camera.

Intel Future Video – 2009
Intel’s “Sponsors of Tomorrow” campaign involved an elaborate video shoot using real Intel employees “singing” the Intel “bong” notes in their media ads. While on-site at the shoot, interviews of many employees were conducted and developed into an inspirational video. All work was shot on Digibeta , edited in Final Cut Pro, and motion graphics were developed in After Effects.

Intel Global Giving – 2010
Intel’s partnership with Global Giving required a short video segment for use in internal broadcasts and at public events. This collage was developed using After Effects, and audio work was done in-house. I provided the voiceover.

World Bank Open Forum Opening Titles Sequence – 2007
I was asked to develop the opening motion titles for the World Bank Open Forum event in Washington DC in 2007. I used existing assets, animating them per the client’s specification, and recorded the VO locally.

Synaptics Thintouch Demo Render – 2005
Synaptics required renderings to demonstrate the technology behind their latest keyboard mechanism. This project was modeled, animated, and rendered using Maya and Mental Ray.

Synaptics Phone Animation – 2006
An example of Synaptics technology as it is applied to integration into a standard smartphone design. Modeled, animated, and rendered using Maya and Mental Ray.

Clarity Consultants Open – 2010
A short opening sequence used by Clarity Consultants for their trade show booth at CES.